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60,000 times faster! 

Our mind processes visual information that much faster than text. It is not surprising then that close to 90% of consumer traffic comes from videos. Every brand (big or small) has dipped its toe into producing videos whether it’s on their websites, social media or other platforms.

Now, what does this suggest? 

It is inevitable to produce videos for a brand. If you haven’t started yet, then you are already behind the eight ball. It’s time for you to shift gears and hop onto the trend of creating videos for your brand because that’s the future. 

Now, can you produce videos all by yourself?

Of course, you can! 

But unless you have a dedicated team of in-house professionals, you will likely not see tangible results. So, what are you supposed to do?

Maybe stick to text? Or use your phone and hope for your videos to magically go viral? 

Nah, this is when you outsource the work or hire a team of experts. You need to make videos that help you create a big impression and stand out from your competition. 

Fortunately, in modern times you can find a suitable Video Production agency to help you create perfect videos for your brand!

How do you choose the right Video Production agency in Toronto? 

We’ll leave that for a different blogpost. In this article, we’ll talk about the types of videos that can completely redefine your brand!

5 Video Archetypes to gain awareness, build consideration and boost conversions 

We’ve already established the importance of creating videos for your brand. But this is just the beginning. Next comes the process of streamlining the right video to match your goals and marketing funnel. 

To help you create the perfect video for your brand, here are the type of videos you can incorporate depending on the buyer’s journey –

  1. Corporate Videos 
Two women interacting in a Corporate video

Corporate videos are brand-oriented content used to deliver a brand story to the target audience. It is useful in communicating your values and vision through a coherent and concise video. These types of videos are highly effective in the awareness stage of the buyer’s journey. 

There are different types of corporate videos you can create depending on your marketing goal –

  • Profile videos – It captures the essence of your company. The founder’s vision, value system, products, services and your USP.
  • Corporate social responsibility videos – These videos are driven by human interest. CSR videos showcase your company’s contributions to society. It creates a positive impression for the customers and all the stakeholders of your company.
  • Corporate event – These videos provide a longer shelf life to an event. They draw attention and help customers connect with the business event beyond its physical location. Not to mention, these videos do a stellar job of establishing brand trust. 
  • Training video coverage – Corporate training videos are common among major brands. These videos come in handy while training future employees. Moreover, it establishes and communicates the working culture.
  • Internal communication videos – Employee retention becomes important for building a successful company. This is facilitated by the employee-brand association. Internal communication videos are crucial in communicating your company values. They also help boost employee morale and build stronger connections within the company. 
  1. Explainer Videos

Explainer videos are a popular format used to explain the products and services of a brand. They are used in the consideration stage in order to educate and captivate the target audience.

These videos do an excellent job of showcasing the USPs of a brand and its products. Moreover, they are also deployed to provide an exposition for intricate concepts. 

For instance, a company like Toyota might need an explainer video to demonstrate the mechanics of a particular feature. 

Explainer videos are predominantly of 3 types –

A man explaining concepts in an explainer video
  • 2D Animation – As you might have guessed, these animated videos are created over two dimensions. 2D animation videos do an excellent job of engaging the target audience. A huge advantage is it takes a low-production cost and is created in less time.

(2D Animated Videos Reel)

  • 3D animation –  3D animation is a process where characters and elements are created over 3 dimensions – Height, Width and depth. It is an amazing tool for explaining the products and services, especially when 2D and live-action don’t do the trick. 

Generally, if you are seeking to explain parts of a machine, technology, or 360-degree view of products, this is the right choice. It helps customers visualise the product. It also builds trust in the product and the brand. 

(3D Animated Videos Reel)

  • Live-action – If you’re looking for a type of video that educates your customers while establishing a deep connection, look no further than Live-action videos. These videos are ideal for building trust and credibility. 

It is extremely beneficial to customer-oriented services or while demonstrating the usage of the product. If you are keen on connecting with your audience on an emotional level, then creating live-action videos becomes pertinent. 

  • Screencast – If you’re looking to show clients how to use the software or register for an event online, the screencast videos are the best option. It uses the recording of a screen to project the step-by-step procedure involved in the process.
  • Stop-motion – Back in the day, Stop-motion was one of the most famous cinematographic techniques used in major films. It still has its allure as it produces aesthetic visuals. This technique involves taking multiple images and arranging them in a sequence.

Stop-motion takes a lot of time and effort, but it is one of the best options to capture your audiences’ attention and increase dwell time. 

  1. Product Demo Videos 
Image of a phone depicting a product demo video

Product Demo Videos are a great tool for showing users how to use the product. They provide detailed and hyper-realistic visuals. This allows customers to visualise its usage while highlighting the features and USP. 

Demonstration videos can be extremely crucial in the conversion stage as it encourages potential buyers to make a purchase. Many companies have started the incorporation of product demonstration videos onto their interface. 

You can use it to build trust and credibility by providing first-hand experience to your customers. This will further increase the brand value amongst your target audience.

  1. Testimonial Videos
A man drinking coffee in a testimonial video

Speaking of trust and brand value, Testimonial videos are specially made to help your customers associate with your brand and establish a deeper connection.

Testimonial videos turn your customers into brand ambassadors. These videos involve your customers praising the products and services of your company. 

This serves as social proof for other potential customers. In addition, it also helps develop brand loyalty. So, these videos are seamlessly incorporated into the Loyalty stage of the marketing funnel. 

  1. TVCs and Web Ads
A picture depicting the total amount spent on TVCs and web ads

Advertising through TVCs and web ads are the most lucrative options for brands. The aim is to increase your ROI and ROAS while achieving your marketing goals through effective strategies.  

Television Commercials (TVCs) are commercials aired on television whereas Website Advertisements (Web ads) are displayed online. 

Commercials on TV promote your products and services to a wide target audience. It requires a larger budget but its impact is widespread with audiences trusting TV ads more than any other media.

Web ads promote products on search engines and social media through processes such as PPC ads. These ads are more targeted and don’t require a huge budget to create an impact. What’s more, Web ads help you monitor and evaluate the exact impact of the campaign. 

These ads can be crucial for both the awareness as well as the conversion stage of your marketing funnel. 

Now, making these videos may seem overwhelming. In fact, it requires a concrete plan to ensure effective execution. While producing TVCs, you will need a video production agency to create videos. Additionally, you will also require an Ad agency to optimise ads. 

We bring the best of both worlds and more! Let’s talk about how we can help you

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