Brand Guidelines

Solidify your business values and identity through an easy-to-use Brand Style Guide/Brand Book.

What are Brand Guidelines?

Brand Guidelines are the rules of engagement for your company across all its communication channels. It is the coherent representation of a company’s values and identity. This includes detailed instructions on how to use brand elements, dos and don’ts, style guidelines etc..

Good brands are built on strong guidelines that determine how customers perceive the company and its services.

Why does every company need Brand Guidelines ?

Brand Style Book or Brand Book is like a manifesto that protects your brand from incorrect usage. When companies do not have clear guidelines for their brand they leave themselves vulnerable to misrepresentation. This is common when you outsource your work to external vendors and creators. You may notice misused logos, colours and other inconsistencies in your creatives.

Without concrete guidelines, your brand exposes itself to dilution and may even hurt the brand’s reputation. Brand Guidelines, in essence, are essential to protect your company’s overall integrity.

What should your Brand Guidelines include?

Brand Guidelines are essential for your company’s content creators to produce creatives and collaterals with consistency.

Here are the important elements of the Brand Guidelines –

  • Brand messaging (tagline, value proposition, messaging pillars)
  • Colour palette
  • Illustration
  • Company’s Vision and
    mission statement
  • Typography
  • Iconography
  • Logo
  • Data visualisation
  • Photography

Effective brand messaging enforces consistent propagation of your story in every stage of a buyer’s journey. It bolsters their brand recall and overall brand value.

Our approach

We customise your Brand Style Book with comprehensive and practical information pertaining to your brand. Our goal is to ensure that your creators and vendors can easily interpret the rules and procedures set for the creation of your visual identity.

To facilitate this process we encompass all the guidelines in an easy-to-apply format. We provide tips and examples while maintaining your brand’s voice and tone.

Our bullet-proof approach prevents incorrect usage and creates a pathway to reflect your brand with consistency and cohesion across all touchpoints.