Stop Motion Videos

Showcase your brand’s story, products and services with stellar stop-motion explainer videos

Stop motion is a cinematographic style that involves taking multiple photos. They are arranged in a sequence with slight variations in their positions to create a visual effect. Puppet animation, Claymation, and miniatures are a few famous Stop-motion techniques.

It provides an aesthetic appeal by making inanimate objects move frame-by-frame. These types of creative videos tend to increase your viewer’s dwell time and create a lasting impression of your product or service.

Producing Stop-motion videos is a laborious process and time-consuming. However, if the Stop-motion video is executed well, it can be a complete game-changer for your brand.

Where can you use Stop-motion videos?

  • Artistic short commercials
  • Innovative product launch
  • Films and gaming industry
  • App or Software release

Benefits of Screencast Stop-motion videos

  • Retains customers’ attention with a unique and eye-catching depiction
  • Builds brand recall due to its uniqueness
  • Creates an aesthetic image for a brand and its products

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