Screencast Videos

Showcase your brand’s story, products and services with a stellar screencast explainer videos

Live-action explainer videos depict real people explaining the products and services of a company. It is useful when you want to directly address the audience with a human touch.Screencast videos capture a screen recording to show your products or service in action. These videos involve demonstrating a step-by-step process of using a product on software or an app.

Screencast videos are usually made with voice-over recordings. They are cost-effective and a great tool to influence buyers by providing a comprehensive explanation of usage in the conversion stage of the buyer’s journey.

Where can you use Screencast Explainer videos?

  • Showcase new software or features of the software
  • Tutorial explainer videos
  • SaaS or App demo
  • Login/Registration video

Benefits of Screencast Explainer videos

  • Screencast videos are straightforward, low-budget and highly informative
  • Builds trust and demonstrates the ease of use
  • Answers customer queries and bolsters their buying decision

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