A Video Production Company in Toronto made for its clients to generate leads, boost engagement and leave their audiences spellbound.

Video content generates almost 90% of all consumer traffic. Videos tend to trigger an emotional response and deliver a targeted message.

Our masterful blend of creative storytelling and visual communication engages, inspires and converts viewers into becoming loyal customers.

Video Production Services

Why Choose Us?

  • Our collaborative and multidisciplinary approach makes us one of the best in the industry.
  • A stellar track record of over a decade’s service providing apex quality videos for hundreds of happy clients
  • Our videos boost your ROI and help you achieve your marketing goals seamlessly
  • We render videos with a fast Turnaround Time (TAT)

Our approach

Our goal is to collaborate with you and bring your ideas to life!

To put that into motion, we thoroughly understand your marketing and branding goals. Based on your target audience and our research, we identify the right mix of audio and visual elements that will create the most impactful story.

We apply our years of expertise to transpire your vision into engaging and attention-grabbing videos that make you indomitable in your industry. To add icing on the cake – We are very flexible in our approach with a knack for providing the best customer experience.

Our Pipeline

To get us started, we understand everything about your brand, right from your values to your guidelines. We interpret your target audience and juxtapose it with your campaign goals and budget.

Based on your brief, we brainstorm concepts, create storyboards, sample scripts, and organise pre-production logistics for filming. In hindsight, we come up with the optimal strategy to boost your reach for a customer in the awareness stage. In addition, we also ensure that the video is optimised for conversions in the marketing funnel.

We decide on the location based on what works best for the script. Our expert production team dives into the process of bringing your TV/Web ad to life.
Our goal is to deliver high-quality video productions that are channelised to catapult reach, grab attention and boost customer retention.

In this step, our expert video editors, design artists and musicians use advanced editing techniques, VFX, motion graphics, sound and voice-over. We assemble every frame into an ad film that is bound to move audiences.

We release your ad film on your desired platforms and gauge its impact based on KPIs and viewership. We further follow up with reports to capture the overview.
In essence, we aspire to beat your expectations and do it by increasing your Return on Ads Spend (ROAS). We do it without compromising quality while producing it with one of the best TAT in the industry.

Featured Works

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Frequently asked questions

Depending on the video category, we plan our TATs. A typical video production takes about 3 – 4 weeks to complete once the project gets on board.

Our video production agency covers a wide variety of video shoots. The types of equipment we use are based on the kind of video shoots we do, considering the shoots’ setting, terrains, and other factors.

We keep files on all completed projects for 2 to 3 months after the final handover for backup purposes. The clients can request the backup copy within this time frame if needed.