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Creating a brand is an overwhelming task. Let’s be honest – It often involves expending time, creativity and money.

Let’s say that you have created a company with a name and established your messaging. By default, one of the main things you would create is a Brand logo. Now, creating a logo does kick-start the process of bringing your brand to life. But it isn’t the entire process.

You have just taken the initial steps of creating your Brand or Visual Identity.

Now, another aspect that seems to confuse individuals is the terminology. 

Brand Identity? – Is it the same as Brand Messaging or Brand Positioning? 

Well, no. But they are closely intertwined.

All these terms constitute different steps of your company’s branding. Now, before you start your journey of crafting a Brand Identity, you need to make sure that you thoroughly understand Brand Positioning and Messaging. Here are the resources to give you a quick jump-start – 

Brand Positioning

Brand Messaging

If you’re clear about both processes, let’s move ahead! 

Brand Identity is a process that comes after you’ve positioned your brand and established concrete messaging along with scripting your guidelines. 

So, here’s a quick preview of this article – 

What is Visual Identity? 
Elements of Visual Identity
Logo and Stationery
Product Packaging Design
Website/App UI/ UX Designing
Web Graphics

We will understand how a Brand Identity agency can help you craft your unique and impressive Visual Identity!

What is Visual Identity?

Visual Identity brings your brand to life. Often, it is also referred to as Brand Identity. It describes a company’s personality through visual and tangible elements. 

It is the face of a brand. It determines how your company looks, feels and speaks with your audiences. In essence, Visual Identity showcases how you communicate with customers.

Now, a question you might ask is – Why is Brand Identity important?

First and foremost, it establishes brand recognition. People associate with your brand – through these visual cues. Often, this aids the process of brand recall in the long term and builds loyalty. 

Brand Identity is also crucial for helping you stand out from your competition. A well-defined Visual Identity establishes a concrete identity and differentiates you in your niche. 

Most companies use Visual Identity to elevate brand experience. The colours they use, the text they incorporate, and the messaging they portray through creatives create a connection with your customers. 

So, is it just a logo? Or a leaflet? Or social media creatives?

Well, it’s all these elements and more. Let’s look at the important elements of Visual Identity –

Elements of Visual Identity

Design is the major element in this process. Visual Identity incorporates a whole spectrum of communication for your brand. It is important to note that communication needs to be consistent across all platforms. To simplify our understanding – Let’s say that a brand’s Visual identity can be split into two categories – Offline and Online visual elements.

Offline Visual Identity

1. Logo and stationery

As we reflected earlier, creating a logo is a crucial part of establishing a brand identity. However, there are other elements which include Visiting cards, Leaflets, Envelopes, Brochures, Flyers, and Letterheads.

The logo is perhaps one of the most crucial parts of Visual Identity. It is everywhere, right from your leaflets to posters and other online platforms like websites and social media. So, it becomes important to carefully design your logo. 

Now, when it comes to other stationery elements it becomes ever so crucial to go back to your Brand Guidelines to understand the colour palette, typography, taglines, and other rules. Based on those rules, you can incorporate the logo, taglines and other messaging on letterheads, posters and brochures. 

It is important to reiterate that it needs to be consistent in terms of size, colours and overall appearance. This brings us to the next offline element – 

2. Product Packaging Design

Product Packaging Design is yet another crucial phase of creating a visual identity. Not only is it important to use the same font type, style or messaging, but it is also important to incorporate them in packaging your products and services.

The way you present your products can make a massive difference in how the product is perceived. It can help you increase sales or completely shaft your goals even if you are selling an amazing product. 

A few aspects to keep in mind about the product include the design of the box, labelling and materials used for packaging. Yes, packaging materials matter. For instance, using eco-friendly packaging conveys that you care about the environment. It can boost brand association. 

Another aspect is to add a personal touch – Including a thank you note can make a huge difference in improving your customer-brand relationship and brand loyalty. 

Now that we briefly covered offline elements, let’s foray into the online space and how your visual identity can be perineal for your brand!

Online Visual Identity

3. Website/ App UI/ UX Designing

Your website or App is generally the first Point-of-Contact for many customers. It is how they form the first impression of your brand. Your website is the ultimate touchpoint between your brand and audience. 

It is a single platform that brings the majority of your branding elements into play. Right from the logo to the colour palette. From creatives to messaging used on the website. 

If you present them in a haphazard manner, then it can completely break the connection you might have established offline. However, if you caress it into a visually appealing design and make it consistent with offline branding, then it can be highly impactful in boosting conversions. 

It all ties down to improving your User Experience (UX). If your page was poorly drafted with content or takes too much time to load, then it can mar your efforts to establish a connection. 

So, it becomes extremely pivotal to make your website optimised for SEO. Furthermore, to keep the content clean, crisp and highly user-friendly. 

A good graphic design agency structures a website with the right elements such as using high-quality images and designing UI with the right usage of colours and white spaces. Also, something as inconsequential as logo placement can make a huge difference to your user’s experience. 

4. Web Graphics

Web graphic involves a vast gamut of elements including, web banners, Social media creatives, graphic designs, infographics etc. 

A lot rests on your design team to create designs that reflect your brand with superior quality. So, the first element is to choose the right images, photographers and cinematographers to come into the picture and help you curate your media. 

The next step is for your graphic designers to polish and reconfigure those images to suit the branding needs. This could be as major as changing backgrounds and adding elements or as minor as adding a company logo. 

Either way, you need to fall back on your Brand Style Book to understand how you want to portray your brand online. 

Social media is another key tool that has completely changed how brands associate with customers. It has given them the power to directly connect with customers and further influence them in a quick time. 

Social Media Branding is inevitable for most brands. You need a dedicated Social Media Manager to provide you with the perfect landscape to communicate with audiences. These managers ensure that the right strategy is used in terms of content, copy, images and other forms of social messaging. 

Whether you establish yourself on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter, it is essential to maintain a brand voice while being careful about the tone used in posts. 

Another key aspect is to remain consistent across all social media platforms. Providing conflicting content can prove to be detrimental to a brand, leading to misconceptions.

In essence, companies need to use Social Media to establish a connection and drive brand loyalty in the long run. 

A key aspect in this process is… (you guessed it right) Brand Identity! 

Now, you might feel this is quite too much given your time constraints. Or there might just be too much work for you to handle all by yourself. In such cases, a good option is perhaps to hire an external vendor. 

A brand identity agency can perfectly help you establish your visual identity and set the course right for you to reach your marketing goals! 

Here’s how we go about creating your brand identity – 

Our approach to crafting your memorable Brand Identity

Bringing a brand to life through Brand Identity is crucial. It often proves to be an arduous time-consuming task. But there’s nothing to worry about because we have you covered with the perfect solution to give your brand an identity boost! 

Our graphic design and visual experts create beautiful creatives to make your brand stand out. 

In the first step, we understand the perspective through initial meetings to nail down your business goals. Then we peer through to existing branding. This includes positioning, messaging and guidelines. 

Post initial assessments, we provide solutions and potential changes in the framework.

After we have agreed upon a plan that suits your requirements, we get down to the nitty-gritty. We create powerful designs to establish the essence of your brand story. We aim to configure your brand’s messaging into amazing visuals to increase brand recognition and recall. 

We ensure that your brand guidelines are followed every bit and provide consistency across all platforms. In essence, we help you boost conversions and set you on the path to creating lifelong customers. 

Would you like to create lifelong customers? Learn more here

Now, you are all set to get out of your Brand Identity crisis and soar into branding success!

(Sounds implausible? Well, we’ll give you step-by-step guidance with our turnkey methodology.) 

So, if this is something in your alley then feel free to bowl right to us

Learn how you can market your brand with effective SEO

We hope you have a successful Branding journey! 

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