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Rotoscoping & Chroma Keying

Leading Rotoscoping & Chroma Keying Company in Canada

Rotoscoping & Chroma Keying

If you are looking for an expert and reliable Rotoscoping and Chroma Keying Company in Canada, look no further than Visual Connections, a part of the reputed Design & Advertising firm Visual Connections Canada. At present businesses in general are looking more at the visual effects to offer a great time to their customers. Be it movies, TV shows, corporate videos and websites, great motion graphics and compelling visuals are a must.

Unmatched and Industry leading Rotoscoping and Chroma Keying Services only at Visual Connections Canada

With proper Rotoscoping and Chroma Keying services from Visual Connections, you are going to get a fresh look for your project and influence a greater number of people. Rotoscoping is one of the prime ways for creating splendid visual effects. Chroma Keying offers you the option of replacing one colour from a screen with other different colours of the spectrum. We specialize in all forms of keying–Luminous as well as difference keying are incorporated by Visual Connections Rotoscoping and Chroma Keying Company Toronto in proper brightness and matte finish according to the demands of our clients.

Rotoscoping & Chroma Keying

One of the most important things that we focus on is the background because this will either highlight or disrupt the feel.

Our experienced professionals create frame wise sketches and bring the variations according to the necessity of our clients. However it needs a lot of manual help, and this is why Visual Connections Canada has got the proper manpower it needs.