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Mailer Designing Company in Canada

HTML Mailer Designing in Canada

Mailer Designing Company in Canada

Our company priorities on producing the best HTML coded email designs that we can offer to our clients. We are one of the few certified professional Mailer designing Company in Toronto. Our main focus is to provide the product on time and with maximum customer satisfaction. This is what makes us as one of the leading Professional Mailer designing Company in Canada. Unlike many other mailer designing company in Canada, we try to follow the latest trend of HTML coding for email designing and deliver maximum success with our services. We try to be true to our clients and customers and that is the main reason why our brand stands above the rest.


One of the greatest secrets behind our success is that we try to give the best HTML code. The many reasons why our clients like our mail designs is due to the fact that almost all of our codes are hand coded and they have a great pixel quality. We provide the greatest design products and services and we provide email designs that support GIFs, text and image based designs. We also provide a 100% cash back opportunity along with a bulk discount offer for first time users along with low rate plans with no hidden charges or fees.


We also provide a great resolution based conversion so that no information is lost and thus producing great and fast responsive emails that are intuitive and easily understandable by customers, clients and users. Great customized discounts and assurance in quality is also provided to the end product.


We provide many services such as:

Fast turnaround time and quick response: we provide HTML codes that have a high success rates and a quick turnaround. We also test our end product by using the Litmus test to know the integrity and success of the code.

Happy and satisfactory customer service:we are happy to solve and sort out various customer queries. Feel free to contact us during working hours. We are happy to help and support our clients and customers.

Non-disclosure agreements:we also consider the importance of the laws of the non-disclosure agreement and we assure you that the company information is safe with us. We only have access to the information that the client has send us and we will not rent or sell this information to anyone.

Satisfactory email templates and responsive mail:we provide coding based on ready mail email templates on various platforms present like mail-chimp, constant contact and similar sites. We also try to provide responsive emails for commercial use.

Discount offers tailored for you: we provide various discount offers and plans depending on commercial, student or non-commercial companies. Each offer is tailored to your needs and budget.

If you are not satisfied with our end product, then we will promise a 100% money back guarantee with no questions asked. So if you need any help in customizing your email then feel free to call us. We are happy to be of service.