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AR Strategies for Marketing Start-ups

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AR Strategies for Marketing Start-ups

AR Strategies for Marketing Start-ups

Augmented reality can do much more than entertainment: many multinational and top notch organisations have already started including virtual and the augmented reality in its scheme of things. But the question arises when the discussion is about start-ups or the marketing start-ups. Not every start-up can afford to use augmented reality; it depends on their business and yearly turnovers.


Start-ups may not be able to switch to augmented reality, but they can surely use some strategies or ideas of augmented realities to brand and market their businesses. Here are few Augmented Reality Strategies:


  1. Scannable Products

Many warehouses, stores and supermarkets are already using the barcode system to track 100% details and information about the products or the goods of the inventory. The buyers can scan the products in the store itself to gain an insight into what they are about to buy.


  1. Use the AR apps

You don’t have to adopt the augmented reality technology if you can use the already available AR apps in the market. You can advertise your brand or the product by using the popular AR applications which you will find online. This kind of piggyback on AR apps would be very useful for you if you are a start-up.


  1. Rewarded Check-ins

We love rewards! You can give people who are visiting or entering your physical store some incentives or rewards with digital or virtual goods with some sort of check-in process. You might have had these rewards when you signed up for some particular e-commerce site, and you were rewarded with some coupon or cash back. The same can work on well when you offer such rewards to the customers visiting your store.


  1. Visualization and Product Trails

AR applications are also useful for giving your customers an outstanding experience in visualizing different kinds of products or goods. Try enabling a feature to allow your customers to check the specific information related to a product on their smartphone.


AR is still an emerging technology for start-ups. By including it in your scheme of things, coupled with working on your marketing strategies with new and exciting ideas; you will soon be able to steer your start-up to the top list.