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3D model production in Toronto

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3D model production in Toronto

From a 2D world to a 3D world, technology has kept on advancing, either in small steps or by quantum leaps. 3D printing has a significant impact on a variety of industries and hobbies around the world.


Numerous companies are reaping rewards of investment in 3D modeling technology. The growth rates might surprise you. 3D printing has been around in one form or another for over 30 years and has greatly improved by the application of 3d modeling. 3d models can be used not only in prototypes but also in manufacturing products (medical, dental, automotive and aeronautical). The 3D application that is identified under experimental is sooner or later, likely to become mainstream, for example, biomedical implants and human organs, bone and skin grafts.


Mentioned below are some of the industries that utilise applications of 3d modeling


  1. Gaming 

    3D modeling has revolutionized the gaming industry. 3D games have improved graphics that allow for making people, props and locations look realistic. Players can feel that they are part of the game, these improvements make gaming more amusing to the players. 3d modeling is a complicated process where artists have to use real-time rendering. The process allows images to be rendered at a faster pace. As a result, 18-20 frames per second must be rendered to avoid irregularity on the screen. The entire gaming experience is totally dependent on visuals of a 3d modeling service provider involved in the process. If you are looking for a 3D animation company in Toronto check us out.


 2. Architecture –  

3D modelling finds its best use in the architecture industry.  3D models are more compelling than a 2D sketch. It’s much easier to visualize the overall design when changes are made. Approval of the final design is made faster without further ado and saves on post-construction, cost-incurring changes or corrections. You can send them a 3D model, walkthrough or flyover so that they can experience it like they are already present.


2. Entertainment –  

The entertainment industry is where 3D modeling is the most in demand. Hollywood is extensively using 3D modeling to create special effects, environments, supernatural manifestation that appear so natural.


3. Marketing

The use of 3D modeling makes it easier to illustrate products. You can convey detailed information about the product features and get your customers interested before the product is actually manufactured. The initial reviews of it may help you boost and improve your marketing campaign.



We at Visual Connection in Toronto give you accurate and highly marketable 3D Computer-aided Design (CAD) modeling that will satisfy your company’s wishes.